Covid-19 We're Good To Go

We take your and our health and safety very seriously and request your support in keeping everyone here safe.


1. If you are feeling unwell or suspect you may have COVID-19 please do not check-in, go to the nearest test station/arrange a COVID-19 test or contact a medical practitioner.


2. If you feel unwell whilst staying here, please check-out, return home and attend a COVID-19 test station/contact a medical practitioner.


3. Please fill in the pre-registration information on the Reservation link giving full contact details of all guests in your room.


4. The main house/reception/dining room is closed to guests. Breakfast will be delivered to your door and left outside your room at the requested time. Breakfast may also be eaten at one of the numerous tables in the garden. Please respect 2m social distancing at all times. The balcony infront of the Medlar is for the exclusive use of that room.


5. For your safety we have removed loose items, cushions, throws, magazines etc. from your room in line with government guidance. Your Guidebook on the Guest App is full of usefull information.


6. Please use hand sanitiser provided before entering the Coach House, hand sanitiser has also been supplied in each room and we would request this is used regularly when in the grounds.


7. We will not enter your room for the duration of your stay unless requested, at which point we will require a 4 hour window to fully service, clean and santise your room. If you require any additional towels etc. please contact us and these will be delivered to your door.


8. To contact us please use the Chat or Phone facility in the online Guidebook  or contact us by SMS - +44 7988 229 660. We hope to meet you in person outside.


9. Payments - we will take payment by payment link sent to your phone/email or via our Eviivo reservation system as appropriate.

We're Good To Go - and very much hope you enjoy a very safe and comfortable stay with us.



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